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We can supply chicken wire either made of galvanized hexagonal wire netting or made of plastic coated hexagonal wires, poultry shed and chicken housing. Chicken wire can be made into rabbit netting and bird netting and poultry netting fences for a wide range of uses in animal breeding and gardening. Weaving types for chicken wire ( hexagonal wire) includes straight twisting, reverse twisting and double direction twisting while the third processing method is applied to making of most chicken wire products due to its good structure strength.

Chicken Wire Products

Chicken Wire, manufactured in galvanised iron and galvanised iron drawn wire, mesh rolls width from 0.6m to 2m. Used as poultry wire, stucco netting, mesh fences and gabions. Wire netting with hexagonal hole offers flexible structure, good ventilation and fencing for poultry farms, birds cages, tennis couts uses. Chicken Wire made of steel wire has enhanced corrosion resistance with further zinc coating and plastic coating treatment.

Welded Chicken Wire Mesh Cage Panels

We supply welded wire mesh panels for making of chicken wire cages. Single layer or multi-layer. The welded panel cages can be fitted with water feeding system easily. The bottom wire mesh panel is an important part of the chicken feeding cages, it will not only withstand the weight of the chicken, but also make eggs from hens easily rolled into the front tanks under the cages with no damages to the eggs.

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Stainless Steel Chicken Wire

Chicken wire netting made of stainless steel is rust proof and durable for using. SS chicken wire has good corrosion resistance, it is acid and alkali resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor poultry fencing uses.


Plastic Chicken Netting

Plastic chicken mesh is made with extruded plastic flat net, also called aquaculture netting or poultry netting. Supplied in sheets or rolls, plastic chicken netting has no sharp edges and is easy to handle. It is nontoxic and non-corrosive alternative to metal chicken wire. It has the features of wear and corrosion resistance, toughness and other characteristics. Plastic netting is used where a strong flexible enclosure is needed.


Copper Chicken Wire

Aiji supplies various metal chicken wires including mild steel, stainless steel and copper. Copper mesh chicken wire is less popular compared with above two types. It can be made into straight twist or reverse twisted. Copper chicken wire is made of copper or copper painted wire.


Mild Steel Galvanised Wire Netting

Galvanized mild steel wire netting has the property of corrosion-resisting, oxidation-resisting and rust resisting.Galv. wire netting is used for protecting pets from foxes and cats or any other predator.  Supplied in an economical 50 metre roll length and various roll width to suit specific fencing sizes.


Garden Wire Netting

Garden Wire Netting is made of hexagonal wire mesh, chain link fence or welded galvanized mesh or PVC wire. Due to its uses mainly in garden fencing, powder coated green color are popular for the plastic coating of garden netting.


Poultry Wire Fence

This wire netting gets known as poultry fencing mostly because it is widely used for fencing and feeding of poultries like chicken and rabbits. Poultry farmers, pet owners and gardeners can easily use hexagonal wire netting to construct poultry and pet pens, or to build pest-resistant garden barriers.


Deer Netting

Aiji supplies high tensile galvanised wire mesh and plastic mesh suitable for deer netting, goat fence, cattle fence and other field farming uses. Having the structures of twisted wire, woven hexagonal mesh deer netting won’t break easily as a whole.


Stucco Netting

Reverse twist weave hexagonal mesh roll is ideal for stucco netting with uniform mesh hole, overall flatness and dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance. It is red marked every 6" for easy operation in plastering and lathing uses.


Floral Netting

Wire mesh used as Floral Netting or plant support is supplied in cut pieces or basket or containers forms. This floral wire netting is made of galvanized iron wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire, annealed wire, plastic coated or enameled wire. The wire is twisted, woven, spiral, fabricated into cage, cone or other forms, for easy supporting of tomatoes, flowers, vines, etc.


Chicken Wire Netting for Poutry House Construction and Fencing

Hexagonal wire netting is the traditional low-cost solution for poultry houses, for domestic pet control and numerous general applications.


Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting

Mesh Materials

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting is supplied in the following specifications:
1>wire diameter:BWG17-27
3>roll width:0.2m-2.0m
4>roll length:30m-60m

Plastic Coated Hexagonal Wire Netting


Plastic coated hexagonal wire can be supplied in various colors, green, black, white, etc.

Variety according to processing:
Pvc coated hexagonal wire mesh, straight twist .
Pvc coated hexagonal wire mesh, reverse twist .
Pvc coated hexagonal wire mesh, double twist.

Chicken Wire Netting Machine


Heavy Type Hexagonal Mesh Chicken Wire Netting Machine is specially used to produce the large size and heavy duty hexagonal (PVC & Galv. Plated) wire meshes for the fence and the stone gabions usage. It has nine models for three size of meshes and the maximum netting width is up to four meters.

Wire Coiling Machine


Coiling Machine serves to make wires into form of coils to be used as weft wires, on the Wire Netting Machine for purpose of producing hexagonal mesh chicken wire.

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